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I’m Emma Storey-Gordon (ESG for short)…

I’m a personal trainer, online coach, and science geek. I enjoy sitting between the science and fitness worlds and trying to speak good, evidence informed information.

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All of my latest posts and opinions on everything fitness and health related.

When is the best time to eat for fat loss?

When is the best time to eat for weight loss ? There are quite a few myths around eating at certain times and these aren't completely unfounded.. Food is not inherently more fattening at any time of day. However, we are humans not robots and we are more likely to over...

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Can you lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

Can you build muscle and burn fat simultaneously ? In other words can you recompose your body and use energy from fat to drive muscle growth. The answer depends who you are. If you are: a) Returning to training after injury or time out Or b) Newbie trainer with high...

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