About ESGfitness

Welcome to ESG fitness.

I’m Emma and I created ESGfitness as an online coaching platform to help as many people as possible achieve their goals in the smartest way possible. I hated seeing people waste their time, money and efforts on fad diets and unrealistic training programs. I want to show people how to get the most out of the effort they put in. How they can fit diet and exercise into their lives and how even simple changes (the right simple changes) can bring about significant results.

I also want to show women (and men) that they don’t need to be fixated on the scales or on tracking calories. That there is no need to be scared of foods, I want all my clients to understand the process so that they can maintain their results. 

I want to show you how to enjoy your body, love and  appreciate it, by building  it up not breaking it down. My aim is to help build you a body you are proud of and feel confident in. I want you to love what you see in the mirror!  


Here’s what some of my client’s have to say:

I was drawn to Emma as an online coach by her wide range of experience and knowledge and her scientific yet fun and relaxed approach. She has helped me feel really good in myself and positive about my achievements to date and what I can continue to achieve in the future. 

I gained everything I wanted from our coaching relationship and more. I met all my goals with respect to body composition and performance combined with increasing my enjoyment, motivation and confidence. My goals were achieved whilst still enjoying several holidays and social events. I have learnt I am more capable than I realised and that I can achieve whilst having fun, being relaxed and without pressure”.

-Anonymous, 51


 I think I’ve finally mastered the skill of not fearing food, and not having an emotional attachment to it. This is all thanks to you!’

– Rozalyn, 27


‘I’ve been with Emma for pretty much a year and would highly recommend, the work outs are easy to follow and the nutrition side is perfect- especially as i regularly have different work levels. One quick message and I know what to do . I work in the fitness insdustry myself and wouldn’t go with anyone else. Gold star for Emma,’



– Jade, 28


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