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Emma is one of the most well respected & succesfull online coaches in the fitness industry and has worked with 1000s of clients. Emma’s unique approach and truly client centred service have built her an incredible reputation. If you’re struggling with weight loss you’ve come to the right place.Emma is one of the most well respected & succesful online coaches in ht place.


My name is Emma and I work with people to get them happier, healthier, fitter, stronger & to look, feel and perform their best.It is a pretty cool job!

I take a rational and logical approach to fat loss in order to take the emotion out of dieting. You are not fat, you simply have fat. And fat is just a store of excess energy that you can burn off via eating less and moving more should you wish to.

Having some excess fat doesn’t mean you are better or worse than anyone else, it doesn’t mean you are lazy or unmotivated.. in fact, it doesn’t say anything about who you are so stop putting so much emphasis on it!!

One way I try to take the emotion away from fat loss is by taking a scientific approach. This is also because I am a massive geek – I have a background in science and after my Sport science degree I worked for a number of years in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer research before returning to personal training full time and setting up an online business to allow me to help as many people as possible.

Once you understand the principles behind why something works it gives you a lot more flexibiltiy in the methods you use to get reuslts. Don’t worry – this isn’t complicated. The principles are very simple but the correct method for you is what is individual and identifying and implementing that is the art of coaching.I will show you where to apply your efforts to get the biggest bang for your buck.. or to reap the most rewards for your effort!

As I mentioned I am a bit of geek, I love questions & I really enjoy explaining concepts and exploring ideas. In fact, I love it so much I made a podcast doing just that which you can listen to here.

Meet The ESGfitness Team

Sheona Lindsay

TeamYOU coach

Andy Hamilton

TeamYOU coach

Sheona has over six years experience of working within the fitness industry and attaining various qualifications including an honours degree in sport and exercise science.

Sheona’s definition of a healthy lifestyle is a maintainable and enjoyable existence that promotes optimum health and well-being based on the choices that are made surrounding a person’s daily habits. Utilising this approach it has enabled her to achieve weight loss and muscle gain  (the dream!) results with her clients.

Sheona an excellent understanding of the human anatomy from specialising in sports injury and rehabilitation.

She also practises what she preaches when it comes to body composition having competed in (and won) numerous body building competitions. Her passion towards health and fitness is infectious.

If you are a beginner to fitness, returning from injury, looking to progress and enhance your current athletic condition or get in the shape of your life then Sheona is your girl!

Want to hear more about Sheona? listen to this podcast episode

Andy has a wealth of experience. He has been in the Fitness Industry for almost 20 years after injury cut short a potential career in football. 

Andy has worked with a variety of people with varying goals. Coming from a sports performance back ground Andy has a keen interest in performancne nutrition and how to fuel the body to get the most out of your training. 

Andy has worked with some top class athletes ranging from professionals through to National, International and Olympic athletes. Clients past and present include: Scottish fencing No 1 and British No 3 Keith Cook, celebrity and former Gladiator, Ali “Siren” Paton, current Gladiator, Shirley “Battleaxe” Webb and Actress Daniela Nardini. 

Not only this but Andy is a life long learner! You would think after almost 20 years in the industry he would be done learning but Andy is always looking to better his knowledge and experience for his clients and himself!

If you are looking for a passionate and knowledgable coach to take your performance to the next level – Andy is your man!f you want to get to know Andy have a listen to this podcast episode

(or any of the Q and A episodes where he really comes out his shell hahaha)

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