COMMIT TO 6 is about building a strong mindset that is going to get you results inside and outside the gym. It is about being better than you were yesterday and striving for more tomorrow.

It isn’t about ridiculous training regimes or over restrictive diets.

It’s about making a commitment to bettering yourself. 

Commit to 6 inspires you to wake up determined and go to bed satisfied. I identify the behaviours you need to do daily to get closer to your goals.

I put this programme together to include all my experience working with 1,000’s of clients over the last 9 years.

This is the very best formula to get your results.

It is the outcome of years of fine tuning and this is a programme I am truly proud of!

What is COMMIT TO 6?


COMMIT TO 6 is a hybrid of group coaching and 1-1. It offers the individual support (personal check ins) of 1-1 coaching with the social support of group coaching. It is the best of both worlds and the results speak for themselves! 

What is included?

Morning routine
10min to prepare the mind & body for the day. You will be amazed how starting every day with a positive impacts your life.

Nutrition targets
We set your nutrition targets tailored to you & your goals. We don’t over complicate nutrition but we don’t over simplify it either.

Work outs
Programmed Home &/or Gym sessions that will push you whatever your starting ability

Weekly Q & As
 2-3 Q&A or topic podcasts per week to keep you motivated, educated and empowered.

Evening routine
the secret to waking up determined and going to bed satisfied is the evening routine..Reflect, plan & recharge.

Check ins
1-1 check ins with your personal coach to review progress & make any changes needed

Private Group
NOTHING comes close to the commit to 6 group for support, motivation and accountability. The group is a chance to share your journey, get immediate feedback on questions & support each other  (I can’t emphasise how amazing this group is- I can’t take credit for this part… although I do thin I attract legends haha)

Commit to 6 has been a real eye opener. I joined because I’m post menopausal and thought it was time to think about building a strong body for the next chapter. I thought I was getting an eating plan, an exercise regime and input now and again from a coach. I was so wrong. I found a new way of thinking about my long term health and nutrition. There’s no dieting. There are no hard and fast rules. Commit to 6 is about ME. I call the shots. I do the exercising I want to with the support of a fantastic and very knowledgeable crew. I have learned so much about my body and how it behaves; the scales and how they are only a guide and I’m not a slave to them. Exercise I think will stay with me as I like the escapism of my daily walks as well as the trimmer legs and waistline and I like the smug feeling of a great workout. Thank you for teaching me such good habits in a short space of time.

- Commit to 6 member

"I haven’t felt restricted once on this diet, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet tbh and that’s definitely because I feel satisfied with my food each day and for the first time probably ever my head is totally in the right place with food. I’ve only been over on calories twice during the whole 6 weeks. For the first time in my adult life I’ve been able to have crisps, biscuits and chocolate in my house and have no issue with having a little bit each day and stopping. Something I was never previously able to do. I found it embarrassing when family or friends came in for a cuppa and I couldn’t offer a biscuit along with it because any packets I had bought, I ate the full packet in one sitting. I can’t wait till I can have people over for a cuppa after restrictions are lifted and offer them a biscuit with their tea – it’s such a small thing but so important to me.

I have lost 8kg in the last 6 weeks and the most amazing thing about that for me is that I’m not hung up on it, I found it way easier than I thought I would do detach from the numbers on the scale."

- Commit to 6 member

The morning & evening routines - These have been life changing for me! Yes, I love knowing I’m getting a tonne of extra press ups in a week BUT the main thing has been the mindset around other people. I was already a big believer in positivity spreads positivity and the impact a positive mindset has on actions and feelings however actually making a conscious effort with people I interact with in terms of trying to ‘leave them better than I find them’ has been incredible, my work had previously just felt like one big negative bubble of emotions but these last few weeks I’ve been surrounded with happier more positive conversation and a lot of that has been down to me making a conscious effort to be positive and spread it. Also, the part about doing something each day to make your future self proud I’ve found has really gotten me out the door to get my steps those days/nights when it’s been freezing or when I’ve been really tired and it hasn’t even been a challenge because as soon as I think about the future self being proud, I’m happy to go out.

- Commit to 6 member

Facebook Group: What a group! The camaraderie, support and kindness shown to one another has been a huge part of C26 for me. The part I’ve found the most inspiring though is being surrounded by so many people who have goals that aren’t centred on fat loss! As someone who is genetically muscular and having my teenage years spent when skinny was the in thing, I was so embarrassed about my muscles. From being called tree truck legs or manly and I remember being ask why I was so muscular as if they expected me to be able to supply a reason as to why at 14 my body had muscle like it was some kind of disorder or something. So hearing and seeing so many females talk about muscle in a positive way and really trying to build muscle and celebrate strength goals, it’s just been honestly so amazing to see. I will now forever more be proud of my quads, tris and bis! So thank you so much for that, it’s another life changer for me!!

- Commit to 6 member

I’d rather let the results of my amazingly
commited clients speak for me

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