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The importance of muscle for health

Most people see building muscle as vain or egotistical. When we think of muscle building we often think of body builders or athletes but it’s important role in health for general population is hugely under-appreciated.

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Hosts: ESG & often joined by Coaches Andy and Shona

This podcast is all about exploring and answering client questions.

The brilliant thing about working with so many people is that we never run out of awesome questions.

I also on occasion talk about things I find interesting and/or helpful!

Fitness Unfiltered

Hosts: Dan Osman, Dr Mike Banna, Emma Storey-Gordon

Bringing you a 100% unfiltered perspective of all things health and fitness through honest and open debate and discussion

The EC method

Hosts: Chloe Madeley & Emma Storey-Gordon

Q & A podcast for clients on the EC method

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