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Other (quite old.. haven’t updated in a while) podcasts:

Ben Coomber radio:

 Can obesity be healthy? with Emma Storey-Gordon

This week, co-host Tom and Emma Storey-Gordon return to chat about metabolically healthy obesity. Does it really exist, is it a good thing to be promoting, and is there more to the story?

By objectively delving into the topic with as little bias as possible, it very quickly looks a lot more nuanced and fascinating than most probably realise…

It’s always a pleasure having Emma on the show, so we hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!


 The genetics of obesity with Emma Storey Gordon

We all know the proximal cause of obesity – people eat too much and/or move too little over a prolonged period of time. That isn’t really the whole picture, though – is it?

This fascinating conversation with Emma Story Gordon explores the role that genetics have in the development of obesity in free living conditions. After all, we all live in the same environment and most people don’t want to be obese – so why is it that some end up gaining a lot of weight and others don’t, when neither are paying much attention to their food?

After exploring that, we discuss the necessity for counting calories and the pros and cons of eating the same foods all of the time. All in all this was a brilliant discussion from which we think you’ll take a lot of cool info!


TEAMbox Radio:

Looking and feeling good using science:



Shredded by science radio:

Veganuary – A Good New Year's Resolution?

What Makes Good Fitness Social Media Content?

Obesity discussion with a man who lost 200lbs!

iTunes link:


Do you need more protein when bulking?


Exercise and Breast Cancer with Emma Storey-Gordon


Emma Storey-Gordon – When Training More Isn’t The Answer


What Is Exercise Good For Apart From Looking Good, Part 2 – Cancer


What Is Exercise Good For Apart From Looking Good, Part 1 – Diabetes


How Long Does It Take To Form A Habit? (Rebroadcast)


Is Obesity a Disease?


Ad Lib Diets – How Applicable is Research to Real World Dieting?


The Fat That Burns Fat


How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Week?


Vegetarianism: Is It Always What It Seems?


Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Always Work (And What to do About it)


Will Eating Sugar Make Me Fat?


Will High Intensity Interval Training Make Me Small and Weak?


How Do I Stay Lean Without Rigid Dieting?


The push pull legs podcast:

Topics we discussed –

– Emma’s Research

– CV disease

– Female fitpros on social media

– Online Coaching

– 121 Coaching

– What Research does she apply to coaching

– Why its our job to decide what to listen to in current research

– What the future has in store for ESG fitness

– Kcal Deficits…

– Awful Burger Toppings…

Go have a listen!

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– Soundcloud –


Scott Baptie’s Food For Fitness podcast:

Emma Storey-Gordon is today’s podcast guest. Not only does she have an awesome following on Facebook and amazing abs Emma but she has an academic background in Sports Science. Her main interest is the effect of diet and exercise on critical illness prevention.

In this episode of the Food For Fitness Podcast Emma shares how she got into the fitness industry, what she has learned and discusses how thinking critically can improve your physique.

FFF 003: Thinking Critically, Avoiding Mistakes & Doing What You Enjoy – with Emma Storey-Gordon

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Follow ESG Fitness On Instagram and social media.

Keep up to date with all of our latest news and client progress over on Instagram and social media


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