Lean Muscle Plan

6 week lean muscle training plan




My Lean muscle training program

This is exactly what I am following to add muscle without adding too much fat and getting uncomfortable in my own body.

What you should know:

The work outs aren’t easy and they probably won’t suit beginners.

I’ve also written some nutrition recommendations to make sure you are fueling your work outs and giving your muscles what they need to grow.

‘Exercise creates the stimulus, nutrition fuels the adaptation’

This program is a bargain at £30.
That’s £5 a week.
That’s less than what you spend on coffee/monster!

Will it get you results?
Yes, if you put in the work. The plan offers you structure but you need to put in the effort!
The more you put in the better your results will be.

Strong beats skinny, Let’s grow together!


PS this is a generic plan, it’s the program I am following, I made it based on me, my goals and how I like to train.

If you have different goals (eg fat loss) or you’re looking for a bespoke program then you can apply to work with me here


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