Online coaching

I run two online coaching options:

One to one coaching is about your coach joining TeamYOU and backing you towards your goals.

Group coaching for those who thrive in a group setting. This isn’t like your usual group coaching – I have created a hybrid system to make sure you individual goals are supported.. the commit to 6 formula 😉 something I am very proud of!


Why 1-1 coaching with ESGfitness?

Emma is one of the most well respected & successful online coaches in the fitness industry and has worked with 1000s of clients.

Emma’s unique approach and truly client centred service have built her an incredible reputation. If you’re struggling with weight loss you’ve come to the right place.

Emma is a personal trainer, online coach, science geek and the founder of ESG Fitness.

‘I want to show people how to get the most out of the effort they put in, how they can fit diet and exercise into their lives and how even simple changes (the right simple changes) can bring about significant results.

I get to help people look, feel and perform at their best which is a pretty cool job.

Online coaching suits me well as I focus heavily on education & understanding the why behind recommendations .

I find explaining the science behind fat loss and body composition takes the emotion out of least somewhat!

My approach and ethos is based on changing habits and instilling behaviours to create sustainable results.’

Commit to 6

Group based coaching

Price: £189 for 6 weeks

What to expect:

– Structured training program

– Nutrition guidance 

– Example meal plans

– Weekly Q & A podcast

– Bi – weekly 1-1 check ins

– A supportive group of like minded people

If you like being part of a group and sharing your triumphs and struggle this is the option for you!

Team You!

1-1 coaching 

Start any time

click here to apply

Price: £200-250 per month

What to expect:

– Personalised training program

-Nutrition guidance

– Example meal plans

– Weekly Q&A podcast

– Weekly 1-1 check ins

-Questions anytime

– Personal 1-1 support

Let me help you break through your self imposed barriers.

If you enjoy a 1-1 environment & a personal touch then this is the option for you!

What makes working with ESGfitness so unique?

Science Based

Client focused

Experience lead


But I’d rather let the results of my amazingly
commited clients speak for me

Why Online coaching?

 Freedom & Flexibility

You can train when you want and where you want and if you have to or decide to change the time or place it doesn’t matter. You won’t be charged for missing sessions and you won’t be restricted by the availability of your PT or location and facilities at the gym they work from.

If the best PT lives in Dundee and you live in London it doesn’t matter.. haha I joke. I am certinaly not the best fit for everyone and I dont think there is such a thing as the best PT but there is the best PT for you based on their expertise and personality 


Fitting your training around you and your life rather than your trainer will save you time. You can train whenever you like and you’re not restricted to hour long personal training slots.

It is likely you will want to train before or after work and any busy PT is likely to be full at these times.

One less excuse to get a work out in! This also gives you ownership over your own results.


At your local gym or in your local area you might have a choice of 5-10 decent personal trainers..of which only 3 are taking on clients at your gym and if you live in Dundee 1 of them are sleeping with your ex and the other one just cheated on your best friend.

Your choice is pretty much endless online given that your desired coach has space to take you on new clients. You’re not limited by location which means you literally have your pick. And you should be picky! Do your research.. ask for recommendations. Ask yourself who you think you would work best with. 


Online programs tend to (not always) give you far more structure. As opposed to training with your PT once or twice a week you’ll be given a structured plan to fit around YOUR life not theirs. With sessions and plans that are planned ahead of time with a plan going forward as opposed to knocking something up prior to your session.

Some trainers do program all of their clients sessions but I can’t merit programming 5 sessions a week for Patrick who trains with me once every two weeks for an hour..and it is unlikely many other trainers would either. If you are paying an hourly fee you are likely going to be paying for that 1 hour of your trainers time which often means 1 hour of random exercise


Online coaching is generally more cost effective. I say generally but I think that is true in almost all cases.

Example: decent trainer in London may charge ~£80 per hour which = a whole month of COMMIT to 6

Even if we look at a PT at 30 an hour over a month that is £120 for 4 hours of training compared to an online program offering you weekly check ins, training plans, nutrition guidance, Q and As, group support, podcasts, morning routines, evening routine, accountability challenges, EDUCATION – which is massive for me.


Not just to your coach but to yourself. The act of sitting down at the end of the week and assessing your own week forces you to face where you went wrong, what you could of done better and also what you did right & celebrate that.

Sometimes you think you’ve had a rubbish week but when you sit down and list what you got done you realise you’re pretty damn great. 


Online coaching forces you to take ownership for your own training and nutrition. Your coach isn’t going to be screaming in your ear telling you to do one more rep.. you have to push yourself. This encourages and nurtures intrinsic (internal) motivation and empowers you. Your results are a direct result of the effort you put in.

The amazing thing about diet and exercise is you will get out what you put in. You can’t cheat the system and hard work PAYS off. 

I give you the guidance, structure and support but you do the hard work and you get the credit.

rather than attributing your success to your trainer you realise its your hard work that gets results. This builds Self esteem & confidence.

Guided/ taught 

Teaching or guiding someone rather than merely showing them improves self efficacy and hopefully instils lifelong skills..

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Did I just quote the bible??

any way this leads nicely on to my next point..


I like to give a full explanation a long with each plan .. I am well aware at least half of my clients don’t read it. However, they may go back to it as they become more interested in not just ‘what’ but ‘why.’

I like to think that after working with me my clients have learnt something and are more equipped to go it alone should they wish to. – this should be a goal of all coaches (and clients).


This depends on the coach I guess but I know that most coaches will answer emails within minutes on occasion and I always try my best tor reply within 24hrs.

Soooo too summarise:

Online coaching offers you support, motivation, accountability and education. IT is a brilliant platform to deliver long term results.

We run two online coaching programs designed to get you the results you want.


ESGfitness offers a blend of science with practical firsthand real world  experience to offer a unique approach to diet and exercise.

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